Steller`s Eider watching tour

Tõnu Ling Steller`s Eider

The Steller’s Eider, who has spent the winter steadily in … Continue reading


Birdwatching Tour

Birdwatching in autumn! Come to the (European) birds’ paradise – … Continue reading

Wolf tours in Estonia

wolf watching in Estonia NW5A8259

We organise tours in Estonian wilderness to speak about wolves. … Continue reading

Owls watching in Estonia

Bird Watching In Estonia-Ural Owl

Best time for owls watching is  in spring and autumn.  … Continue reading

Bear watching

Bear watching in Estonia NW5A8516

Estonia is the European mecca of untouched nature. The reason … Continue reading

Butterfly watching

Butterfly watching tours in Estonia

Here are two example butterfly watching tour itineraries that introduces Estonian butterfly … Continue reading

Photo safari


Our wildlife photography holidays are aimed at capturing amazing shots of rare species. Continue reading

Custom Wilderness tours

Bird photography in Estonia

You tell us what you want to experience, for how long, and we’ll make it happen. Continue reading